OUR discipleship pathway

The mission of our church is to make disciples of all nations, leading them to worship God, grow in their faith, and serve others in the church and community. 

We don't view discipleship as a curriculum that you complete, but as a lifelong process of learning to pursue and proclaim God and His commands. 

We have identified 4 activities that will help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. The more you do these, the more you will grow. The opposite is true... the less you do these, the more you will starve spiritually.

1.  Worship God in Private and in Public

Private Worship

Meeting with God alone is vital to the Christian life. He desires for you to fellowship with Him in prayer. If you want help on growing your prayer life, please contact Pastor Josh.

If you want help on your Bible reading, we are reading through the Bible as a church. Won't you join us?

          Download the app here.

          Download a print version here.

Need help praying? Watch these 6 short videos to learn how to pray the Bible in a fresh, vibrant way that connects you with God.

  1. Praying the Bible - Introduction

  2. Praying the Bible - Day One

  3. Praying the Bible - Day Two

  4. Praying the Bible - Day Three

  5. Praying the Bible - Day Four

  6. Praying the Bible - Day Five

Public Worship

The Christian cannot expect to grow without attending the church's worship service on a regular basis. The vast majority of the commands in the New Testament are written to the body of Christ as a whole and not to individuals. We must meet together in order to fulfill what God wants from us and for us.

          Click here to find out more about our worship service.

2.  Join a Growth Group

The best way to grow as a disciple is to meet with at least one other person with the purpose of becoming more like Jesus. We have several groups that meet throughout the week to help you grow, including Sunday School, Adult Bible Study, Foundations, and TeamKID. These groups are designed to help you discover the Christian faith and deepen your relationship with Christ.

If you need help connecting with a Growth Group or another person to meet with on a regular basis for discipleship, please contact Pastor Josh.

3.  Serving God and Others

As we seek to serve as did Jesus did (Mark 10:45), we care for others within the church and in the community.       

Click here to find out more about serving in the community.

 Click here to find out more about serving at HRBC.

4.  Proclaim the Gospel

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the example of the early church (Acts 8:4) demonstrate how every Christian should proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to their family, friends, and neighbors. To equip you on how to share the Gospel, we offer training throughout the year. For more information on our evangelism efforts, please email office@hrbcindy.org